What is an Exacta?

March 9, 2023

An exacta is like a quinella in the reality you need to choose the first and second sprinters, though in the specific request. There are various diverse ways you can orchestrate your exacta bet.

STANDARD EXACTA: A standard exacta is the place where a punter should get the initial two spot getters across the line in right request.

BOX EXACTA: A Box Exacta permits you to choose however many sprinters in the race as you wish to fill first and second positions. The more sprinters you select, the additional triumphant mixes you will have anyway that said, the expense of your ticket will increment with every blend.

Investor EXACTA: A Banker Exacta is great for those sure a specific horse will be winning anyway are uncertain just which sprinter will complete second. It permits you to have one horse to complete first while choosing different sprinters to possibly fill runner up.

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